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of Company Policies & Procedures

Create quizes checking the knowledge of your company policies and procedures for your employees.

Generate a quiz from your procedures using AI with one click.

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Higher Policy Compliance
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More qualified workforce

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Don't have time or resources to create your own tests? No worries. Utilize our comprehensive library of tests to select the skill assessment that meets your needs.

100+ skill tests.
Select from over 100 already-made high-quality tests.
8 categories.
Choose tests from categories: Role-specific skills, Cognitive ability, Language, Situational judgment, Culture & Personality, and many more.
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Quiz Employees

No more wasted hours spent on measuring company policies and procedures knowledge.

Automate the quizing process
Invite your employees to a bias-free knowledge assessment.
Take advantage of our Test Library
Choose from over a 100 already-made skill tests. See more →
Use our AI Test Generator
With just one click, using AI, generate a test on any topic in any language in less than a minute.
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Measure compliance faster

Is your procedures knowledge assessment process cumbersome and time-consuming? Replace talking to hundreds of employees with SkillJudge.

Measure knowledge of internal procedures in your organization in just a few clicks.

Create an assessment

Create an assessment that will include knowledge and skill tests. Take advantage of our library, and use our AI generator to create your own custom tests.

Invite employees or share the link

Invite your employees manually or share a link to an invite page.

Analyze the results

See how many answers each employee got right. Compare the results and identify knowledge gaps.