Abstract thinking
Pre-employment Skills Assessment

This abstract thinking test is meticulously designed to identify candidates who excel in conceptual and innovative thought, capable of analyzing complex concepts and devising novel solutions. Ideal for roles demanding creativity and the ability to see beyond the obvious, it evaluates one's proficiency in abstract reasoning, a crucial skill in many professional settings.






10 min

Test type

Cognitive ability

About the test

The Abstract thinking assessment is expertly crafted to evaluate a candidate's ability to engage in thinking beyond the immediate and tangible, to conceptualize how parts fit into a whole, and to innovate by making connections between seemingly unrelated concepts. This high-level cognitive skill is pivotal for roles that require problem-solving, innovation, and the ability to deal with complex systems and procedures. Abstract thinking enables individuals to approach tasks and challenges in unique ways, offering solutions that might not be immediately apparent through conventional reasoning. Through a variety of carefully selected questions, this test examines candidates' ability to use abstract thought processes to interpret patterns, relationships, theoretical concepts, and complex ideas. Each question is designed to push the candidate to think laterally, recognize underlying principles, and apply their understanding in innovative ways. Success in this test indicates a candidate's proficiency in navigating the intricacies of abstract concepts, an essential skill in dynamic, evolving work environments where adaptability and creativity are at a premium.

This test is relevant for

Strategic Planner
Employs abstract thinking to develop innovative strategies for future growth.
Software Engineer
Uses abstract reasoning to create complex algorithms and solve programming challenges.
Research Scientist
Applies abstract concepts to conduct innovative research and experiments.
Product Manager
Utilizes abstract thinking to forecast market trends and conceptualize new products.
Creative Director
Relies on abstract thought to produce original concepts and campaigns.
Educational Curriculum Designer
Incorporates abstract thinking to develop comprehensive and engaging learning materials.

Skills measured

Derives innovative solutions by thinking beyond conventional solutions.
Ability to conceive novel ideas and solutions.
Critical Thinking
Analyzes complex situations and data to make informed decisions.
Pattern Recognition
Identifies trends and correlations within abstract data.
Conceptual Thinking
Excels in understanding how elements fit together as part of a larger picture.
Thrives in dynamic environments by quickly grasping and applying new concepts.

Sample questions

Preview a few questions that can be found in this test.
Abstract thinking Test Preview
Question 1/3
Which of the following best demonstrates the concept of 'thinking outside the box'?
Select all that apply
Following established procedures without deviation
Following established procedures without deviation
Applying a solution from one problem to a seemingly unrelated one
Applying a solution from one problem to a seemingly unrelated one
Relying exclusively on past experiences
Relying exclusively on past experiences
Consulting the manual for answers
Consulting the manual for answers

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