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The Asana test is aimed at evaluating a candidate's comprehensive understanding and operational proficiency with Asana, focusing on project management, task prioritization, and strategic use of Asana's features for efficient workflow management. It addresses advanced aspects, amalgamating task and project management nuances, indicative of an individual's capacity to utilize Asana for complex organizational needs.






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About the test

This specialized Asana assessment is meticulously designed to measure a candidate's adeptness with Asana's advanced functions, spanning from basic task creation to intricate project management capabilities. It delves into understanding a candidate's proficiency in leveraging Asana for sophisticated task prioritization, project templates, integration with external tools, and employing task dependencies to foster efficient workflow. The questions are crafted to evaluate how candidates navigate complex scenarios such as converting tasks into projects, setting up repeat tasks, managing privacy settings, and understanding the implications of workspace permissions. This assessment requires respondents to not only have foundational knowledge of Asana's interface and features but also demands an understanding of strategic project management techniques within Asana. By examining the candidate's ability to utilize Asana in real-world project management situations, employers can discern the proficiency in organizing, prioritizing, and executing tasks and projects that align with business goals, making this test a crucial tool for roles demanding rigorous project management and team collaboration skills.

This test is relevant for

Project Manager
Responsible for planning, overseeing, and leading projects from ideation through to completion.
Content Coordinator
Oversees the production of a wide array of content and ensures it's aligned with project goals.
Operations Manager
Focuses on strategic planning and managing daily operations.
Marketing Manager
Leads the marketing team and strategizes on marketing campaigns.
Team Leader
Manages a team and ensures the achievement of set objectives.
Product Manager
Oversees the development and marketing strategies of a product.

Skills measured

Project Management
Expertise in managing projects from conception to delivery.
Task Prioritization
Ability to prioritize tasks in a way that maximizes efficiency and meets deadlines.
Strategic Planning
Skills in planning strategically to achieve long-term goals.
Team Collaboration
Facilitating effective team collaboration and communication.
Workflow Optimization
Optimizing workflows to enhance productivity.
Adapting to new tools and processes for better project outcomes.

Sample questions

Preview a few questions that can be found in this test.
Asana Test Preview
Question 1/3
How can you convert a task into a project in Asana?
Select all that apply
Right-click the task and select 'Convert to Project'
Right-click the task and select 'Convert to Project'
Use the 'Tab+P' shortcut
Use the 'Tab+P' shortcut
From the task menu, choose 'More Actions' then 'Convert to Project'
From the task menu, choose 'More Actions' then 'Convert to Project'
Tasks cannot be directly converted to projects
Tasks cannot be directly converted to projects

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