Basic Math Foundations
Pre-employment Skills Assessment


The Basic Math Foundations test is designed to evaluate the core mathematical skills necessary for a wide range of job roles. It focuses on arithmetic, basic algebra, fractions, and percentages, ensuring candidates have the essential numerical skills required in the workplace. This assessment is ideal for identifying candidates with strong foundational math skills, providing employers with the confidence that their workforce is equipped to handle tasks involving calculations and numerical analysis.






10 min

Test type

Cognitive ability

About the test

The Basic Math Foundations assessment is crafted to evaluate the fundamental mathematical abilities of candidates, focusing on their skills in arithmetic, fractions, percentages, and basic algebra. This test aims to identify individuals who possess a solid foundation in everyday mathematical operations, which are crucial for various entry-level positions across industries. By assessing these basic but essential skills, employers can ensure their workforce has the necessary competencies to perform tasks that require numerical reasoning and calculation.

This test is particularly useful for roles that involve financial transactions, inventory management, or any position where basic math skills are a prerequisite. The assessment's structured approach helps in pinpointing candidates with the aptitude for handling numerical data accurately and efficiently, thereby facilitating the hiring of personnel capable of contributing to the operational excellence of the organization.

Employers seeking to fill positions in retail, administrative support, or entry-level finance will find this test invaluable for evaluating the mathematical acumen of their candidates. It is an effective tool for screening applicants, ensuring those selected for further consideration have demonstrated a competent level of basic mathematical understanding. Furthermore, this test encourages a merit-based selection process, where candidates are chosen based on their ability to meet the job's numerical requirements, promoting fairness and objectivity in recruitment.

This test is relevant for

Retail Associate
Handles transactions and inventory calculations.
Administrative Assistant
Manages scheduling and budget tracking.
Customer Service Representative
Calculates discounts and resolves billing queries.
Understands pricing strategies and commission calculations.
Bank Teller
Performs financial transactions and cash handling.
Entry-level Accountant
Assists with financial reporting and ledger maintenance.

Skills measured

The ability to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division accurately.
Fraction Understanding
The skill to work with fractions, simplifying them and converting between fractions and decimals.
Percentage Calculations
The competence to calculate percentages, discounts, and interest rates.
Basic Algebra
The foundational knowledge of algebraic expressions and equations.
Numerical Reasoning
The ability to understand and work with numerical data in real-life contexts.
Problem Solving
The capability to use mathematics to solve various problems.

Sample questions

Preview a few questions that can be found in this test.
Basic Math Foundations Test Preview
Question 1/3
What is 10% of 200?
Select all that apply

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