Call Center Representative
Pre-employment Skills Assessment

The Call Center Representative test is meticulously developed to probe the key competencies required for a frontline call center role. It uniquely challenges candidates with realistic scenarios that call upon their problem-solving prowess, multi-tasking ability, product knowledge, patience, and CRM navigation skills, to help spot the candidates who can push the needle in customer satisfaction.






5 min

Test type

Role specific skills

About the test

This assessment is carefully designed to evaluate the competence of potential call center representatives, emphasizing their ability to effectively communicate, resolve complex issues, exhibit deep product knowledge, navigate CRM software, and handle challenging customers in a pleasant, professional demeanor. As calls are the primary interface between the organization and its customers, a representative's proficiency in these skills plays a crucial role in achieving customer satisfaction and loyalty. The test draws upon realistic scenarios to stimulate the candidate's problem-solving acuity, patience, and ability to multi-task. By focusing on these critical aspects of the call center environment, this assessment helps to uncover top-performers who can drive the company's reputation and customer relationships in the right direction.

This test is relevant for

Customer Service Representative
Responsible for handling customer queries, requests, and complaints.
Technical Support Specialist
Resolves technical queries about the product or service.
Sales Agent
Handles customer inquiries while enticing them to purchase products or services.
Call Center Supervisor
Oversees the operation of the call center and monitors representatives for quality assurance.
Call Center Manager
Involves making key decisions regarding staffing, budgeting, and operations in the call center.
Client Relations Specialist
Focuses on managing and improving the relationship between the company and its clients.

Skills measured

Problem Solving
Deciphering the root cause of a customer's issue and resolving it in a timely manner.
Product Knowledge
Understanding the products or services in order to answer queries and resolve issues.
Handling multiple tasks or calls simultaneously without compromising on quality.
Maintaining a calm and pleasant demeanor while dealing with challenging or frustrated customers.
Communicating effectively and professionally with customers to build strong relationships.
CRM Navigation
Efficiently utilizing CRM software to manage customer interactions.

Sample questions

Preview a few questions that can be found in this test.
Call Center Representative Test Preview
Question 1/3
How would you handle a situation where a customer is unhappy with the product they bought?
Select all that apply
Offer a full refund immediately
Offer a full refund immediately
Discuss their issues and try to offer a suitable resolution
Discuss their issues and try to offer a suitable resolution
Transfer the call to another representative
Transfer the call to another representative
Tell them their only option is an exchange
Tell them their only option is an exchange

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