Pre-employment Skills Assessment

The Canva skills assessment is designed to gauge an individual's advanced understanding and practical application of Canva, a premier online design tool. This test focuses on a candidate's ability to effectively use Canva’s comprehensive features, including its design elements, customization options, and collaboration functionalities. By testing these specific facets, the assessment identifies candidates who are highly proficient in producing visually appealing and impactful content that meets diverse business needs.






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About the test

This Canva assessment is meticulously crafted to evaluate a candidate's expertise and proficiency in using Canva, a leading graphic design platform that enables non-designers and professionals alike to create stunning visual content. Spanning 320 words, the description highlights the importance of mastering Canva for creating engaging, professional-grade marketing materials, social media graphics, presentations, and more. Candidates will be tested on their knowledge of advanced features, design principles, template customization, brand kit utilization, and collaboration within the Canva workspace. The test aims to identify individuals who are not only adept at navigating the interface and utilizing the tool’s vast library of graphics and fonts but also those who can leverage Canva’s functionalities to optimize workflow, maintain brand consistency, and innovate within the platform's capabilities. This test is particularly relevant in a digital marketing context where visual content is paramount. The questions are designed to challenge the candidates’ abilities to solve complex design problems, adapt designs to various formats, and strategically use Canva’s features to elevate their creative projects. By assessing these skills, employers can ensure that their team includes proficient Canva users capable of producing high-quality visual content that stands out in today’s competitive digital landscape.

This test is relevant for

Graphic Designer
Specializes in creating visually compelling graphics and layouts.
Social Media Manager
Oversees the visual content creation for social media platforms.
Marketing Specialist
Develops and designs promotional marketing materials.
Content Creator
Creates engaging and visually appealing content for various digital platforms.
Brand Strategist
Utilizes Canva to maintain consistency in brand imaging across media.
Digital Media Coordinator
Coordinates the production of digital content, including graphics and multimedia.

Skills measured

Design Proficiency
Mastery over design concepts and the ability to apply them using Canva.
Brand Consistency
The ability to maintain brand identity across various designs and materials.
Working effectively with team members within the Canva platform.
Time Management
Efficiently managing design projects and deadlines within Canva.
Technical Savvy
Understanding of Canva's features and how to apply them to solve design problems.
Creativity and Innovation
Ability to innovate and create visually striking designs that meet project goals.

Sample questions

Preview a few questions that can be found in this test.
Canva Test Preview
Question 1/3
How do you apply a brand kit to a design in Canva?
Select all that apply
Tools > Brand Kit
Tools > Brand Kit
File > New Brand Kit
File > New Brand Kit
File > Apply Brand Kit
File > Apply Brand Kit
Home > Brand Kit
Home > Brand Kit

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