ChatGPT Prompt Engineering
Pre-employment Skills Assessment

This assessment is tailored for the evaluation of advanced ChatGPT Prompt Engineering skills, focusing on an individual's capability to craft, debug, and optimize prompts. It is designed for those aiming to excel in AI integration and automation, identifying talents with the skills to effectively guide AI responses and leverage its capabilities for complex problem solving and innovative applications.






10 min

Test type

Role specific skills

About the test

The ChatGPT Prompt Engineering test is crafted to assess an individual's proficiency in designing, refining, and optimizing prompts to guide the responses of an advanced AI, such as ChatGPT. This highly specialized test delves into the nuances of prompt engineering, including understanding user requirements, crafting clear and effective prompts, debugging prompt responses, and leveraging the AI's capabilities to generate creative and accurate outputs. With a balanced mix of theoretical understanding and practical applications, the test covers advanced strategies for prompt customization, iteration, and response analysis. The ability to tailor prompts to achieve specific outcomes is paramount in roles where AI integration and automation are critical. This assessment, through a variety of carefully constructed questions, aims to identify candidates who possess a deep understanding of AI behavior, prompt efficiency, and the creative application of AI in solving complex problems. Prompt engineering is an emerging skill set that requires not only technical understanding but also creativity and strategic thinking. This test is designed for those who aim to excel in the evolving field of AI-driven development and automation, providing a robust framework for evaluating an individual’s ability to harness AI capabilities effectively.

This test is relevant for

AI Developer
Specializes in designing AI models, including creating effective prompts for AI interactions.
Machine Learning Engineer
Focuses on automating data analysis, requiring skills in crafting prompts that guide model training and output.
Data Scientist
Employs advanced analytics techniques, where prompt engineering can refine data queries through AI.
Content Strategist
Utilizes AI to generate content, needing proficiency in prompt engineering to tailor content creation.
Product Manager
Oversees AI product features, where understanding prompt engineering is crucial for guiding development.
UX/UI Designer
Integrates AI into user interfaces, requiring knowledge of how to craft prompts for optimal user experiences.

Skills measured

Prompt Design
Crafting clear, effective prompts that guide AI to generate desired outcomes.
Iterative Refinement
Refining prompts through testing and feedback loops to enhance AI interactions.
Understanding AI Behavior
Knowing how AI models interpret and respond to various prompts for effective question formulation.
Creative Thinking
Applying creativity in prompt engineering to yield innovative and effective AI responses.
Debugging Responses
Identifying and rectifying issues in AI responses for improved accuracy and relevance.
Strategic Planning
Strategically leveraging AI capabilities with well-crafted prompts to achieve specific objectives.

Sample questions

Preview a few questions that can be found in this test.
ChatGPT Prompt Engineering Test Preview
Question 1/3
What is prompt engineering primarily concerned with?
Select all that apply
Developing the underlying AI model
Developing the underlying AI model
Optimizing human resources
Optimizing human resources
Enhancing the interaction between human and AI
Enhancing the interaction between human and AI
Improving database management systems
Improving database management systems

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