CNC machinist
Pre-employment Skills Assessment

Designed for advanced CNC machinists, this test evaluates candidates’ proficiency in machinery operation, programming, maintenance, and troubleshooting. It offers employers a thorough understanding of a candidate's ability to interpret technical drawings, calculate tool paths, adhere to safety standards, and optimize production processes. By challenging both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of candidates, it serves as a comprehensive tool for identifying qualified machinists capable of high-quality output.






10 min

Test type

Role specific skills

About the test

This comprehensive test is meticulously designed for the assessment of adept CNC machinists, aiming to gauge their proficiency and deep understanding of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery and its operation. Spanning a wide variety of intricate topics, the test delves into advanced programming, precise machine setup, meticulous maintenance routines, and adept troubleshooting. It aims to uncover the candidate's ability to interpret complex technical drawings, their skill in selecting and calculating the correct tool paths, their knowledge in materials and tooling, and their problem-solving capabilities when faced with machining challenges. Additionally, it evaluates the machinist's adherence to safety standards and efficiency in production processes. Through this assessment, employers gain insight into a candidate's capability to not only operate but also optimize CNC machining processes, ensuring high-quality production outputs. With questions designed to challenge even experienced machinists, this test is a robust tool for identifying candidates who possess both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for high-level CNC machinist roles.

This test is relevant for

CNC Operator
Operates CNC machines to efficiently produce parts meeting specifications.
CNC Machinist
Performs advanced setup, programming, and operation of CNC machines.
CNC Programmer
Specializes in creating and optimizing CNC machining programs for precision manufacturing.
Manufacturing Engineer
Designs, implements, and optimizes manufacturing processes, including CNC machining.
Quality Assurance Technician
Ensures that CNC machined parts meet all quality standards and specifications.
Tool and Die Maker
Crafts precision tools and dies using CNC technology for manufacturing processes.

Skills measured

CNC Programming
The ability to write and optimize programs that guide CNC machines.
Machine Operation
Skilled operation of CNC machines, including setup and adjustments.
Technical Drawing Interpretation
Understanding and applying information from technical drawings and schematics.
Tool Selection and Maintenance
Choosing the correct tools for tasks and maintaining them for optimal performance.
Material Knowledge
Knowledge of the properties of different materials used in CNC machining.
Problem Solving
Identifying and resolving issues that arise during the CNC machining process.

Sample questions

Preview a few questions that can be found in this test.
CNC machinist Test Preview
Question 1/3
What is the primary function of a CNC machine?
Select all that apply
Material inspection
Material inspection
Automated cutting and shaping of materials
Automated cutting and shaping of materials
Quality control measurement
Quality control measurement
Packaging finished products
Packaging finished products

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