Computer literacy (PC, Windows)
Pre-employment Skills Assessment

This advanced level test assesses candidates' expertise in the Windows operating system, focusing on their ability to manage and troubleshoot various aspects efficiently. It aims to identify individuals with a thorough understanding of Windows features, configuration, and security aspects, providing a detailed assessment of their computer literacy skills in a professional context.






10 min

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About the test

The Computer Proficiency (PC, Windows) Pre-employment Skills Assessment is designed to evaluate a candidate's literacy in using Windows operating systems, which are widely utilized in corporate environments. This assessment tests a broad spectrum of abilities, ranging from basic operational skills to more advanced system management and troubleshooting capabilities. Key areas of focus include navigating the Windows interface, using Microsoft Office applications (such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook), managing files and directories, configuring system settings, and understanding security features like Windows Defender and firewall settings. Additionally, the assessment gauges a candidate's familiarity with Windows-specific features, such as the Start menu customization, Task Manager, and the use of command prompt for advanced system operations.

The methodology of the assessment incorporates a mix of multiple-choice questions, practical exercises, and scenario-based tasks to accurately measure a candidate’s hands-on experience and problem-solving skills. Candidates might be tested on their ability to perform tasks such as creating and formatting documents in Word, analyzing data with Excel spreadsheets, preparing presentations in PowerPoint, and managing email and calendars in Outlook. Practical exercises aim to replicate typical tasks that employees might face in a business setting, assessing the candidate's efficiency and effectiveness in using Windows to accomplish job-related tasks. This hands-on approach ensures candidates are not only knowledgeable about Windows operations but also capable of applying this knowledge practically.

Moreover, the Computer Literacy (PC, Windows) Pre-employment Skills Assessment places an emphasis on problem-solving, adaptability, and security awareness. It evaluates candidates on their ability to troubleshoot common Windows issues, such as software crashes, system errors, and network connection problems. The assessment also tests the candidate's readiness to adapt to new Windows updates and navigate changes to the operating system's features and settings. Security awareness is another critical component, with questions and scenarios designed to assess the candidate's knowledge of best practices for protecting against malware, phishing, and other cyber threats. By covering a comprehensive range of skills, the assessment helps employers identify candidates who are not only technically proficient in using Windows but also capable of ensuring secure and efficient operation in a Windows-based computing environment.

This test is relevant for

IT Support Specialist
Handles technical support issues and solves computer problems.
System Administrator
Responsible for managing, installing, and configuring computer systems.
Network Engineer
Designs and implements computer networks such as intranets and LANs.
Security Analyst
Protects computer and network systems from cybersecurity threats.
Software Developer
Develops software and applications compatible with the Windows environment.
Technical Writer
Creates documentation for systems and software within a Windows framework.

Skills measured

System Configuration and Optimization
Modifying system settings for improved performance and efficiency.
Problem Solving
Identifying and resolving technical issues with computer components and software.
Software Installation and Management
Installing and managing software applications within a Windows environment.
Network Setup and Troubleshooting
Establishing and fixing network connectivity issues.
Security Protocols
Understanding and applying security measures to protect data and systems.
Windows Utilities and Tools
Leveraging built-in tools and utilities to maintain system health and performance.

Sample questions

Preview a few questions that can be found in this test.
Computer literacy (PC, Windows) Test Preview
Question 1/3
Which shortcut is used to rename a selected file or folder in Windows?
Select all that apply
Ctrl + R
Ctrl + R
Alt + Enter
Alt + Enter
Shift + F2
Shift + F2

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