Construction Management
Pre-employment Skills Assessment

The Construction Management test is a rigorous, advanced-level assessment designed to evaluate a candidate's understanding and proficiency in managing construction projects from initiation to close-out. Covering critical areas such as project planning, cost management, scheduling, quality control, safety, and modern construction technologies, it serves as an invaluable tool for employers to identify skilled professionals capable of leading complex construction projects efficiently.






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Test type

Role specific skills

About the test

The Construction Management test is designed as an advanced-level assessment tool aimed at evaluating candidates' in-depth understanding and proficiency in the field of construction management. This comprehensive test encompasses various aspects of construction projects, including project management principles, cost estimation, quality control, safety regulations, legal issues, environmental sustainability, and modern construction technologies like Building Information Modeling (BIM). It tests candidates on their ability to manage complex construction projects from inception to completion, ensuring they meet all specified requirements on time and within budget. By focusing on real-world challenges, this assessment verifies candidates' analytical skills, problem-solving abilities, and their understanding of construction management software. It serves as a crucial evaluation criterion for employers seeking to hire professionals capable of handling large-scale construction projects with a strategic understanding of project management methodologies, sustainability practices, and collaboration techniques. Through a mixture of single and multiple-correct options, the test aims to gauge not just candidates' theoretical knowledge, but also their practical application skills, making it an essential tool for hiring the best talent in the construction management sector.

This test is relevant for

Construction Project Manager
Responsible for planning, coordinating, budgeting, and supervising construction projects from development to completion.
Site Engineer
Works on construction sites, managing technical aspects of projects, ensuring compliance with design documents.
Project Scheduler
Specializes in planning and arranging the timelines for construction projects.
Quality Assurance Manager
Ensures that construction projects comply with all agreed upon specifications and quality standards.
Safety Officer
Responsible for overseeing the application of safety protocols and ensuring a safe work environment on construction sites.
Construction Estimator
Prepares cost estimates for construction projects, helping to determine the project’s financial feasibility.

Skills measured

Project Management
The ability to plan, organize, direct, and control construction projects from start to finish.
Cost Estimation
Accurately predicting the expenses associated with construction projects.
Quality Control
Ensuring that the construction project meets all specified requirements.
Safety Management
Applying safety standards and regulations to prevent accidents and injuries on construction sites.
Legal and Environmental Compliance
Understanding and adhering to legal and environmental standards in construction projects.
Technology Integration
Utilizing modern technologies like BIM for improved efficiency and collaboration in construction projects.

Sample questions

Preview a few questions that can be found in this test.
Construction Management Test Preview
Question 1/3
Which document describes the scope of work in detail?
Select all that apply
Project Charter
Project Charter
Scope Statement
Scope Statement
Work Breakdown Structure
Work Breakdown Structure
Project Management Plan
Project Management Plan

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