Cooking techniques
Pre-employment Skills Assessment

The Cooking Techniques test is an in-depth evaluation designed to assess an individual's comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in a wide range of cooking methods. From essential preparation techniques to complex cooking processes, this test challenges candidates to demonstrate their expertise in creating flavorful, well-prepared dishes. It seeks to identify candidates who are proficient in various culinary traditions and technologies, understand the importance of ingredient qualities, and maintain high standards of cleanliness and safety in the kitchen.






10 min

Test type

Role specific skills

About the test

This advanced test in cooking techniques is crafted to evaluate a candidate's proficiency in various cooking methodologies, their understanding of how to utilize different tools and ingredients effectively, and their ability to execute techniques that enhance the flavor, texture, and presentation of food. It covers a broad range of skills from basic methods, such as boiling and frying, to more complex procedures like sous-vide and fermentation. Each question is designed to probe the candidate's knowledge and application of these techniques in a real-world context, ensuring that only the most skilled and versatile culinary professionals will excel. The test not only assesses technical prowess but also examines the candidate's approach to maintaining nutritional integrity, leveraging the chemical and physical properties of ingredients to derive desirable outcomes, and implementing safety and hygiene practices in the cooking process. With a mix of direct and scenario-based questions, this evaluation distinguishes those candidates who not only possess theoretical knowledge but also have the practical skills necessary for success in fast-paced and creative culinary environments.

This test is relevant for

Executive Chef
Responsible for overseeing all culinary functions in a restaurant or hospitality establishment.
Sous Chef
Acts as the second-in-command in a kitchen, managing food preparation and assisting the executive chef.
Pastry Chef
Specializes in making baked goods and desserts, applying intricate techniques to create pastries.
Culinary Instructor
Educates aspiring chefs in cooking techniques, food safety, and kitchen management.
Food & Beverage Manager
Oversees the operation of a restaurant's kitchen, including menu creation and staff training.
Research Chef
Combines culinary skills with scientific knowledge to develop new food products and recipes.

Skills measured

Technical Proficiency
Understanding and applying a wide range of cooking techniques to produce desired culinary outcomes.
Experimenting with flavors and textures to create innovative dishes.
Measuring ingredients accurately and executing techniques with attention to detail.
Food Safety
Maintaining cleanliness and adhering to health regulations to ensure food is safe to eat.
Time Management
Efficiently organizing tasks to ensure all components of a dish are prepared and served at the optimal time.
Sensory Evaluation
Using taste, smell, and visual inspection to assess and enhance the quality of dishes.

Sample questions

Preview a few questions that can be found in this test.
Cooking techniques Test Preview
Question 1/3
What is the primary benefit of sous-vide cooking?
Select all that apply
Increases cooking speed
Increases cooking speed
Enhances food safety
Enhances food safety
Improves texture and flavor
Improves texture and flavor
Reduces nutritional value
Reduces nutritional value

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