Creative ability
Pre-employment Skills Assessment

The 'Creative Ability' test is designed to identify and measure the creative strengths of candidates, providing insights into their problem-solving approaches, adaptability to change, and innovative thinking. It challenges participants to showcase their abilities in crafting unique solutions, thinking outside the box, and leveraging diverse experiences and viewpoints for enhanced creativity. This test is instrumental for organizations looking to enrich their talent pool with individuals who possess the capability to drive innovation and contribute to a culture of continuous learning and creative excellence.






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About the test

The 'Creative Ability' assessment is meticulously crafted to gauge the innate and developed creative prowess of candidates, spanning across multiple domains vital for innovative problem-solving and idea generation. This comprehensive evaluation explores candidates' ability to think laterally, approach challenges with novel perspectives, and leverage their imaginative capabilities to devise unique solutions. The test is structured to challenge the conventional bounds of creativity, probing into the depths of how an individual can navigate uncertainty, embrace divergent thinking, and foster a culture of curiosity and resilience. By delving into scenarios that require the application of creative thought processes and the exploration of uncharted territories, this test not only assesses the present creative aptitude but also the potential for growth and adaptation in dynamic environments. Through a variety of questions, candidates are prompted to demonstrate their skill in embracing complexity, utilizing constraints as launching pads for innovation, and amalgamating diverse sets of information to construct coherent and inventive outcomes. This assessment serves as a critical tool for employers seeking to identify talents who are not just creators but also visionaries capable of pushing the conventional boundaries of thought, design, and problem-solving.

This test is relevant for

Creative Director
Responsible for setting the creative vision and strategy.
Graphic Designer
Utilizes creativity in designing visuals and brand materials.
Marketing Specialist
Crafts innovative marketing strategies and campaigns.
Product Developer
Involves in creating new products with innovative features.
User Experience Designer
Focuses on designing intuitive and engaging user interfaces.
Content Creator
Generates creative content to engage audiences.

Skills measured

Lateral Thinking
Ability to approach problems from unique angles.
Innovative Problem-Solving
Crafting unique solutions to complex challenges.
Easily adjusting to new ideas and changes in direction.
Divergent Thinking
Generating multiple solutions to a given problem.
A keen desire to explore and learn new things.
Persisting in creative endeavors despite obstacles.

Sample questions

Preview a few questions that can be found in this test.
Creative ability Test Preview
Question 1/3
What strategy typically encourages creative thinking?
Select all that apply
Working in a structured environment
Working in a structured environment
Focusing on a single solution
Focusing on a single solution
Brainstorming different ideas
Brainstorming different ideas
Avoiding collaboration
Avoiding collaboration

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