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Pre-employment Skills Assessment

This Chrome Proficiency assessment targets technical familiarity and proficient usage of Google Chrome. It measures candidates' understanding of Chrome's functionalities, features, and extensions, which are essential across diverse job roles in today's digitally transformed work environments.






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About the test

This test assesses candidate's ability to effectively use Google Chrome for their daily tasks, an essential skill across various job roles today. The assessment examines an individual's capacity to navigate the powerful features and functionalities offered by Chrome, contributing to improved efficiency and productivity at the workplace. The test incorporates questions regarding Chrome's advanced features, including usage of Chrome developer tools, extensions management, and security settings amongst others. Through this test, employers get an insight into candidate's familiarity with Chrome, their ability to leverage its features, and readiness to learn and adapt to new digital tools, thus gauging the individual's digital savviness. This Chrome Proficiency test is invaluable for roles requiring frequent use of the internet and digital tools, especially where Chrome is the preferred or officially-used browser.

This test is relevant for

Digital Marketer
This professional uses Chrome to access analytics, manage ad campaigns, and explore online marketing tools and platforms.
Web Developer
A professional who uses Chrome developer tools for testing, debugging and improving web applications.
Product Manager
Needs Chrome proficiency to explore digital products, market trends, competitor analysis and more.
Content Writer
Uses Chrome for research, content curation, SEO tools, grammar checking extensions and more.
IT Support Specialist
Helps others in troubleshooting Chrome issues, updating browser settings, adding extensions etc.
Sales Executive
Uses Chrome for lead generation, accessing customer data, CRM tools, emailing, scheduling etc.

Skills measured

Browser Navigation
Navigating through Chrome's interface, using tabs and windows efficiently, managing bookmarks.
Security Awareness
Understanding and managing Chrome's security settings, privacy features and browsing data.
Extension Management
Adding, using and managing Chrome extensions for improved productivity and ease of tasks.
Developer Tools Usage
Utilizing Chrome developer tools for debugging web applications, inspecting elements, modifying styles, etc.
Incognito Mode Usage
Understanding when and how to use Chrome's Incognito mode for private browsing.
Synchronisation Features
Effectively syncing Chrome data across different devices using a Google account.

Sample questions

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Google Chrome Test Preview
Question 1/3
How to open Chrome Developer Tools?
Select all that apply
Ctrl + Shift + D
Ctrl + Shift + D
Alt + Shift + I
Alt + Shift + I
Ctrl + Shift + I
Ctrl + Shift + I
Ctrl + Alt + I
Ctrl + Alt + I

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