Google Docs
Pre-employment Skills Assessment

The Google Docs Advanced Level Test is designed to rigorously assess a candidate's expertise in navigating and utilizing the full range of Google Docs features for professional purposes. Covering advanced functionalities including real-time collaboration, document versioning, voice typing, and detailed formatting options, this test offers employers a detailed insight into a candidate's ability to work efficiently and creatively within Google Docs, thereby ensuring their compatibility with roles requiring extensive document management and team collaboration.






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About the test

The Google Docs Pre-employment Skills Assessment, structured as a multiple-choice (a/b/c/d) test, is meticulously designed to evaluate a candidate's comprehensive understanding and proficiency with Google Docs, a cornerstone of modern document creation and collaboration. This assessment aims to gauge the candidate's ability to navigate and utilize Google Docs effectively, covering a broad spectrum of skills from basic document setup and formatting to advanced features like utilizing add-ons, implementing real-time collaboration tools, and managing document sharing settings. Key areas of focus include formatting text and paragraphs, inserting tables and images, using research tools, applying styles and headings for structured document navigation, and understanding the functionalities of version history and suggestions mode for document revisions.

The assessment incorporates a variety of questions that test practical knowledge and application of Google Docs features. Candidates will encounter scenarios requiring the selection of the correct steps to perform tasks such as creating a table of contents, using voice typing, and applying conditional formatting in linked spreadsheets within a Google Doc. Additionally, questions may cover the use of shortcut keys for efficiency, the implementation of comment and suggestion features for collaborative editing, and the appropriate application of sharing permissions to protect sensitive information while enabling teamwork. This approach ensures a well-rounded evaluation of the candidate's ability to leverage Google Docs for effective document management, enhancing both individual productivity and collaborative efforts.

Furthermore, the Google Docs Pre-employment Skills Assessment emphasizes the candidate's adeptness at utilizing Google Docs in a professional context, assessing their knowledge of best practices for document design, organization, and accessibility. Through questions that simulate real-world document creation and collaboration scenarios, the assessment examines the candidate's ability to maintain document integrity, adhere to formatting standards, and facilitate seamless collaboration across teams. This comprehensive assessment, through its focused multiple-choice format, aims to identify candidates who are not only technically proficient in using Google Docs but also capable of applying these skills strategically to produce high-quality, professional documents that meet the collaborative and operational needs of modern workplaces.

This test is relevant for

Administrative Assistant
Use Google Docs to manage documents, create reports, and prepare presentations efficiently.
Content Writer
Leverages Google Docs for drafting articles, blogs, and editing content collaboratively.
Project Manager
Relies on Google Docs for creating project plans, collaboration with teams, and document version control.
Executive Assistant
Utilizes Google Docs for preparing meeting notes, managing executive communications, and organizing schedules.
Employs Google Docs for creating lesson plans, student assessments, and collaborative projects.
Software Developer
Uses Google Docs for documentation, code reviews in suggesting mode, and team collaboration.

Skills measured

Document Formatting
Advanced skills in applying various formatting tools to enhance document presentation.
Revision History Management
Proficient in tracking and managing document edits for a comprehensive version history.
Real-Time Collaboration
Expertise in collaborating with team members concurrently on a document, enabling efficient teamwork.
Voice Typing & Command
Capability to employ voice typing features for efficient document creation and editing.
Use of Advanced Tools
Skilled in utilizing advanced Google Docs tools like research tool, translation, and equation editor.
Effective Communication
Ability to use comments, suggesting mode, and sharing features for clear and effective communications.

Sample questions

Preview a few questions that can be found in this test.
Google Docs Test Preview
Question 1/3
How can you insert a footnote in Google Docs?
Select all that apply
Insert > Footnote
Insert > Footnote
Tools > Footnote
Tools > Footnote
Format > Footnote
Format > Footnote
References > Insert Footnote
References > Insert Footnote

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