Internal Auditing
Pre-employment Skills Assessment

The Internal Auditing test is a comprehensive tool designed to gauge the advanced competencies of professionals in the intricate field of internal auditing. Spanning risk management, control practices, governance, and compliance, this test requires candidates to critically apply their knowledge and analytical skills. Aimed at evaluating an individual’s ability to navigate complex auditing scenarios, uphold professional and ethical standards, and implement effective audit strategies, this test is essential for those seeking to demonstrate their expertise in internal auditing.






10 min

Test type

Role specific skills

About the test

The Internal Auditing test is meticulously conceived to assess a professional's advanced level of understanding, analytical skills, and knowledge in the field of internal auditing. This test covers various domains within the scope of internal auditing such as risk management processes, control practices, governance, compliance with laws and regulations, auditing standards, ethical principles, and information technology controls. Through a rigorous set of 40 questions, candidates are required to demonstrate their ability to critically analyze scenarios, apply principles of internal auditing, interpret standards, and reflect on ethical considerations in practice. This assessment evaluates not just the memorization of theoretical concepts, but the practical application of internal auditing standards and procedures in complex situations. Designed for advanced professionals, this test challenges individuals to use their judgment, experience, and understanding of internal auditing to solve nuanced problems, identify audit risks, and provide insights on improving audit processes and governance frameworks. The test emphasizes the critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and professional standards critical for success in the ever-evolving field of internal auditing.

This test is relevant for

Internal Auditor
Executes detailed audits, ensuring compliance with policies and regulations.
Audit Manager
Oversees audit planning and implementation, managing audit teams.
Risk Manager
Assesses and manages risks, ensuring alignment with internal controls.
Compliance Officer
Ensures the organization adheres to laws and regulatory requirements.
Chief Audit Executive
Leads the internal audit department, setting strategies and objectives.

Skills measured

Risk Management
Evaluating and managing risks to enhance control practices and governance.
Regulatory Compliance
Ensuring the organization complies with relevant laws, standards, and regulations.
Analytical Thinking
Applying logical reasoning to audit tasks, identifying patterns and anomalies.
Critical Thinking
Evaluating situations critically to make informed, ethical audit decisions.
Ethical Reasoning
Adhering to professional ethics, principles, and standards in auditing practices.
Information Technology Controls
Understanding and evaluating IT systems and controls as part of the auditing process.

Sample questions

Preview a few questions that can be found in this test.
Internal Auditing Test Preview
Question 1/3
What is the main purpose of internal auditing?
Select all that apply
To prepare financial statements
To prepare financial statements
To evaluate risk management and control processes
To evaluate risk management and control processes
To assist in tax preparation
To assist in tax preparation
To conduct external audit processes
To conduct external audit processes

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