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The Jira test is an in-depth assessment designed to evaluate a candidate's hands-on expertise and proficiency in using Jira for effective project management. Covering comprehensive functionalities from basic to advanced levels, this test challenges individuals to demonstrate their capabilities in enhancing workflow, ensuring agile project tracking, and contributing to team efficiency. Ideal for identifying candidates with a deep understanding and practical experience in Jira, it serves as a significant indicator of an individual’s ability to navigate and optimize Jira for diverse project management needs.






10 min

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About the test

This advanced Jira test is meticulously designed to assess a candidate's expertise in navigating and utilizing Atlassian's Jira software, a leading project management tool used by agile teams. The test covers a broad spectrum of Jira functionalities, from basic issue creation to advanced querying using JQL (Jira Query Language), project configuration, and understanding of workflows. It also delves into reporting features, dashboard customization, and effective use of Scrum and Kanban boards. By probing into the candidate's ability to leverage Jira for project tracking, sprint planning, and backlog prioritization, the assessment aims to identify individuals with exceptional skills in enhancing team productivity and project visibility. Furthermore, it evaluates the candidate's knack for troubleshooting common problems and optimizing Jira settings for tailored project management solutions. With a unique set of questions designed to challenge even seasoned Jira users, this test is pivotal in ensuring candidates possess not only theoretical knowledge but also practical expertise critical for managing complex projects efficiently in Jira.

This test is relevant for

Project Manager
Oversees project initiatives and ensures alignment with company objectives, leveraging Jira for project tracking and team collaboration.
Scrum Master
Facilitates Scrum ceremonies and manages Scrum boards in Jira, ensuring agile practices are followed throughout development cycles.
Jira Administrator
Responsible for configuring, maintaining, and optimizing Jira settings to suit project management and team needs.
Agile Coach
Guides teams on agile methodologies and uses Jira to enhance team performance and project delivery.
Product Owner
Defines project goals and priorities, managing the product backlog in Jira to align with stakeholder expectations.
Software Developer
Utilizes Jira for issue tracking, sprint planning, and efficiently managing tasks within the software development lifecycle.

Skills measured

Jira Navigation
Ability to navigate through Jira’s interface efficiently, locating projects, issues, and settings quickly.
Issue and Project Tracking
Expertise in using Jira to track the progress of tasks, sprints, and projects, ensuring visibility and timely completion.
Agile Project Management
Proficiency in leveraging Jira for agile project management, including use of Scrum and Kanban boards for sprint planning and work visualization.
Workflow Configuration
Skills in customizing workflows in Jira to align with team processes and project requirements.
Jira Query Language (JQL)
Advanced knowledge in utilizing JQL for creating complex searches and reports to extract specific project or issue details.
Dashboard Customization
Ability to customize Jira dashboards with relevant gadgets and filters for effective project monitoring and reporting.

Sample questions

Preview a few questions that can be found in this test.
Jira Test Preview
Question 1/3
What is the purpose of an Epic in Jira?
Select all that apply
To track individual work items
To track individual work items
To group related tasks within a project
To group related tasks within a project
To manage project budgets
To manage project budgets
To document software bugs
To document software bugs

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