Mental Arithmetic
Pre-employment Skills Assessment

The Mental arithmetic test is an advanced-level assessment designed to evaluate a candidate's capabilities in performing a wide range of mathematical calculations mentally, swiftly, and accurately. It covers various aspects of arithmetic and challenges individuals to demonstrate their proficiency in quick thinking and numerical analysis, making it an ideal tool for gauging potential employees' abilities in roles requiring high numerical acuity.






10 min

Test type

Cognitive ability

About the test

The Mental arithmetic test is meticulously formulated to assess advanced mental calculation skills, pivotal for numerous high-stakes job roles where numerical analysis and quick decision-making are routine. It gauges the ability to swiftly process, analyze, and compute mathematical information without the aid of calculators or software. This test examines a broad spectrum of arithmetic facets including, but not limited to, percentages, square roots, division, and prime number identification, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of a candidate's mental agility and numerical proficiency. Additionally, by presenting questions with multiple plausible answers, it subtly tests attention to detail and the ability to distinguish between closely related figures or concepts. Completing this test requires not only mathematical acumen but also an acute analytical mindset to interpret complex numerical data rapidly. It's especially crafted for individuals in professions demanding rigorous arithmetic skills and swift computational abilities under pressure, making it an invaluable tool for employers seeking to ascertain the numerical and analytical prowess of their prospective hires.

This test is relevant for

Financial Analyst
Assesses a candidate's capability to perform rapid and accurate financial calculations mentally.
Data Scientist
Evaluates an individual's proficiency in quickly interpreting and calculating complex data sets without computational aids.
Software Engineer
Tests the ability to execute quick mental calculations crucial for algorithm design and optimization.
Project Manager
Determines the adeptness at swiftly making accurate project calculations, enhancing project planning and execution.
Supply Chain Analyst
Measures the skill in performing on-the-spot calculations for logistics and supply chain management.
Quantitative Researcher
Assesses the capacity for conducting intricate mathematical analysis swiftly to inform research findings.

Skills measured

Numerical Computation
Ability to perform complex mathematical operations without electronic assistance.
Capacity to employ arithmetic solutions in problem resolution.
Attention to Detail
Aptitude in identifying subtle numerical distinctions and errors in computation.
Analytical Thinking
Skill in processing and analyzing numerical data swiftly to make informed decisions.
Data Interpretation
Ability to interpret and draw conclusions from complex numerical information.
Mental Agility
Proficiency in quickly adapting to new numerical challenges and computations.

Sample questions

Preview a few questions that can be found in this test.
Mental Arithmetic Test Preview
Question 1/3
What is 12% of 250?
Select all that apply

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