Microsoft 365 Administration
Pre-employment Skills Assessment

This Microsoft 365 Administration test is an advanced level assessment crafted to evaluate the proficiency of individuals in managing Microsoft 365 services effectively. It touches upon essential administrative functions such as user and license management, security configurations, compliance, and usage of PowerShell for automation. Tailored to uncover in-depth knowledge and practical application abilities, it prepares employers to identify candidates who are well-equipped to handle complex administrative tasks within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.






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About the test

The Microsoft 365 Administration assessment is designed to precisely evaluate the competency and expertise of individuals aiming to fill roles related to Microsoft 365 Administration. Covering a vast range of advanced topics, this rigorous test ensures thorough scrutiny of a candidate's aptitude in managing and troubleshooting Microsoft 365 services, including Azure AD, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Teams. Proficiency in PowerShell for scripting and automation, handling security and compliance features, and understanding of the Microsoft 365 environment are essential aspects scrutinized through carefully crafted questions. Each challenge within this test targets different facets of Microsoft 365 Administration, aiming to gauge the depth of knowledge and capacity to apply this knowledge practically. With a good blend of theoretical inquiries and scenario-based questions, this assessment explores a candidate's ability to make well-informed administrative decisions, strategically manage Microsoft 365 subscription services, and optimize the environment for enhanced productivity and security. Successful performance in this test indicates readiness to tackle high-level responsibilities in administering Microsoft 365 environments, making it an ideal sieve to shortlist proficient individuals for dedicated roles within organizations.

This test is relevant for

Microsoft 365 Administrator
Oversees, configures, and ensures the smooth operation of all Microsoft 365 services within an organization.
IT Systems Administrator
Responsible for managing and securing the IT infrastructure, including cloud services like Microsoft 365.
Cloud Solutions Architect
Designs and implements cloud solutions, including strategic use of Microsoft 365 services to meet business needs.
Security and Compliance Manager
Ensures organizational adherence to security practices and compliance regulations within Microsoft 365.
Enterprise Architect
Involves strategic oversight over enterprise IT architecture, with a focus on integrating Microsoft 365 solutions.
Support Engineer
Provides technical support for Microsoft 365 services, assisting with issues related to administration and usage.

Skills measured

Microsoft 365 Service Management
Expertise in configuring, deploying, and managing various Microsoft 365 services efficiently.
Security and Compliance
Ability to manage and ensure the security, compliance, and risk management features within Microsoft 365.
PowerShell Scripting
Skill in utilizing PowerShell to automate repetitive tasks and configure services within Microsoft 365.
User and License Management
Competency in managing user accounts and licenses, including assigning and revoking access as necessary.
Problem Solving and Troubleshooting
Ability to diagnose and resolve issues within Microsoft 365, ensuring minimal disruption to services.
Data Governance and Lifecycle Management
Understanding of data governance policies and practices to manage data lifecycle in compliance with regulatory standards.

Sample questions

Preview a few questions that can be found in this test.
Microsoft 365 Administration Test Preview
Question 1/3
Which PowerShell cmdlet is used for assigning a license to a user in Microsoft 365?
Select all that apply

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