Microsoft Outlook
Pre-employment Skills Assessment

The Microsoft Outlook assessment is meticulously crafted to evaluate an individual's advanced competency in managing emails, schedules, tasks, and more, using Microsoft Outlook. It aims to distinguish candidates who can go beyond basic functionalities, employing advanced features to enhance productivity and organizational communication significantly. This test is essential for roles where efficient time management and professional email handling are pivotal.






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About the test

This comprehensive assessment is designed specifically to gauge advanced proficiency in using Microsoft Outlook, a critical tool in today's professional landscape where email communication and time management are paramount. The test delves deep into various aspects of Outlook, including email management, calendar scheduling, task assignments, and overall navigation within the Outlook interface. Candidates will be challenged with scenarios that require not only theoretical knowledge but also practical application skills. This includes handling complex email rules, advanced searching techniques, managing multiple accounts, and utilizing Outlook's integration features with other Microsoft Office applications. The assessment aims to identify individuals who can efficiently utilize Outlook to enhance productivity, manage communications with finesse, and maintain organizational integrity in a fast-paced work environment. Through this test, employers can discern candidates who are not just familiar with Outlook's basic functionalities but are adept at leveraging its advanced features to streamline workflow, coordinate with team members effectively, and uphold a high standard of professional correspondence. It's a crucial tool for roles requiring meticulous handling of communication and time management tasks, ensuring that potential hires are well-equipped to contribute to a seamless operational flow.

This test is relevant for

Administrative Assistant
Requires adept management of scheduling and email communications.
Executive Assistant
Needs proficiency in managing executives' calendars and correspondence.
Project Manager
Involves coordinating project timelines and communications efficiently.
Customer Support Specialist
Handles customer inquiries and communications through Outlook.
Sales Manager
Relies on Outlook for managing client communications and meeting schedules.
Marketing Coordinator
Utilizes Outlook for internal and external marketing communications and scheduling.

Skills measured

Email Management
Efficient handling and organization of emails.
Calendar Scheduling
Scheduling and managing appointments effectively.
Task Assignment
Assigning and tracking tasks within Outlook.
Advanced Search
Utilizing advanced search techniques to locate items quickly.
Outlook Integration
Integrating Outlook with other Microsoft Office tools for enhanced productivity.
Rules and Alerts
Creating and managing email rules and alerts to streamline workflow.

Sample questions

Preview a few questions that can be found in this test.
Microsoft Outlook Test Preview
Question 1/3
How do you recall a message in Microsoft Outlook?
Select all that apply
File > Info > Message Resend and Recall
File > Info > Message Resend and Recall
Message > Actions > Recall This Message
Message > Actions > Recall This Message
Options > Recall > Recall This Message
Options > Recall > Recall This Message
Edit > Recall > Resend or Recall
Edit > Recall > Resend or Recall

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