Pre-employment Skills Assessment

The Negotiation test is an advanced assessment designed to evaluate a candidate's proficiency in essential negotiation skills and strategies. It screens for individuals who demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of negotiation principles, effective communication, emotional intelligence, and the ability to achieve mutually beneficial solutions. This test is both theory and application-oriented, distinguishing candidates who can effectively navigate and conclude negotiations in complex professional scenarios.






10 min

Test type

Cognitive ability

About the test

The Negotiation Skills Pre-employment Skills Assessment is designed to evaluate a candidate's proficiency in negotiation tactics, strategy formulation, and their ability to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes while maintaining positive relationships with business partners, clients, and colleagues. This assessment encompasses various critical aspects of negotiation, including preparation and planning, understanding of negotiation dynamics, communication skills, emotional intelligence, and the ability to navigate complex bargaining scenarios. The goal is to identify candidates who can effectively manage and resolve conflicts, navigate challenging negotiations with tact and diplomacy, and secure advantageous terms without compromising long-term relationships.

The assessment method integrates scenario-based simulations, role-playing exercises, and theoretical questions to offer a comprehensive evaluation of the candidate's negotiation capabilities. Candidates might be challenged with scenarios that require them to negotiate contracts, resolve disputes, or secure resources under constrained conditions, reflecting real-world business situations. Role-playing exercises allow assessors to observe candidates' negotiation styles firsthand, including their ability to listen actively, articulate their positions clearly, and respond to counterarguments with poise and respect. Theoretical questions might cover negotiation principles, strategies for dealing with difficult negotiators, and methods for creating value in negotiations, testing the candidate's knowledge of foundational negotiation concepts.

Moreover, the Negotiation Skills Pre-employment Skills Assessment places a strong emphasis on emotional intelligence and ethical considerations. Candidates are evaluated on their capacity to understand and manage their own emotions as well as those of the other party, fostering an environment conducive to positive outcomes. The assessment also explores the candidate's adherence to ethical standards in negotiation, ensuring they can balance assertiveness with integrity. By assessing a candidate's tactical acumen, strategic planning skills, emotional intelligence, and ethical approach to negotiation, the assessment aids employers in identifying skilled negotiators who can contribute to the organization's success through effective deal-making and relationship management.

This test is relevant for

Sales Executive
Responsible for negotiating deals that optimize revenue while maintaining good client relationships.
Project Manager
Requires negotiation to align project objectives with the interests of stakeholders.
HR Manager
Involves negotiation for salaries, benefits, and conflict resolution within the organization.
Procurement Officer
Negotiates with suppliers to achieve the best terms of purchase.
Real Estate Agent
Must adeptly negotiate terms between buyers and sellers for property transactions.
Corporate Lawyer
Employs negotiation in settlements and contract development to protect client interests.

Skills measured

Active Listening
Demonstrates the capacity to fully engage and understand counterparts' perspectives.
Strategy Development
Involves crafting approaches tailored to the negotiation context to achieve desired outcomes.
Emotional Intelligence
Key in managing and leveraging emotions to facilitate effective negotiations.
Conflict Resolution
Ability to steer negotiations towards constructive solutions amidst opposition.
Decision Making
Crucial for making informed choices that advance the negotiation towards a successful closure.
Problem Solving
Entails identifying, analyzing, and solving problems that arise during negotiations.

Sample questions

Preview a few questions that can be found in this test.
Negotiation Test Preview
Question 1/3
What is often considered the most important step in the negotiation process?
Select all that apply
Making an offer
Making an offer
Closing the deal
Closing the deal
Building a relationship
Building a relationship

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