Pre-employment Skills Assessment

This Notion proficiency test is meticulously designed to challenge and identify candidates with exceptional skills in utilizing Notion's extensive features for both personal and professional efficiency. By covering advanced aspects such as database management, template customization, and collaborative workspace optimization, this assessment aims to find individuals who can harness Notion's full capabilities to transform organizational and project management practices.






10 min

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About the test

This comprehensive test is crafted to accurately assess advanced proficiency in using Notion, a dynamic all-in-one workspace for personal and professional use. Notion's versatility in note-taking, project management, database handling, and collaborative workspaces offers a unique challenge in measuring a candidate's depth of understanding and innovative application of this tool. Our test delves into advanced functionalities, including database integrations, formula implementations, workspace organization, and the customization of templates, aiming to pinpoint candidates who are not only familiar with Notion's basic features but who can leverage its full potential to enhance productivity and collaborative efforts. This assessment covers various scenarios, from optimizing personal productivity tools to implementing complex databases for team projects, ensuring a thorough evaluation of a candidate's capabilities to navigate and exploit Notion's extensive features. The questions are formulated to reveal in-depth knowledge and critical thinking in applying Notion to solve real-world organizational and project management challenges, making it an essential tool for employers seeking to identify candidates with exemplary organizational, technical, and collaborative skills that can drive their team's success.

This test is relevant for

Project Manager
Requires the ability to organize and manage projects efficiently in Notion.
Content Strategist
Necessitates the mastery of Notion for content planning and collaboration.
Product Manager
Involves using Notion to align product roadmaps and team collaboration.
Operational Manager
Entails the optimization of operational workflows using Notion.
Team Lead
Demands proficiency in Notion for team organization and task distribution.
Marketing Manager
Requires the use of Notion for campaign planning and team coordination.

Skills measured

Notion Workspace Customization
Customizing workspaces to enhance productivity and collaboration.
Database Management
Expertise in database setup and integration within Notion.
Template Design
Creating and customizing templates for various use cases.
Collaborative Tools Utilization
Using Notion's collaborative features for team projects.
Advanced Function Implementation
Incorporating complex functions and formulas in Notion.
Project Organization
Organizing and managing projects efficiently using Notion.

Sample questions

Preview a few questions that can be found in this test.
Notion Test Preview
Question 1/3
How can you share a Notion page with an external user?
Select all that apply
By exporting the page as a PDF
By exporting the page as a PDF
By sending an email invitation from Notion
By sending an email invitation from Notion
By creating a public link
By creating a public link
By adding them directly to your workspace
By adding them directly to your workspace

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