Nursing Care
Pre-employment Skills Assessment

The nursing care assessment is an advanced level test designed to evaluate a nurse's ability to manage complex patient care scenarios. It examines theoretical and practical knowledge in areas such as patient assessment, medication administration, chronic condition management, and ethical patient care. This test is paramount for employers seeking to hire nursing professionals who exhibit not only exceptional skill but also a deep dedication to adhering to the highest standards of patient-centered care.






10 min

Test type

Role specific skills

About the test

This elite-level test, crafted with precision to assess advanced nursing care abilities, meticulously evaluates the candidate's expertise in handling intricate patient care situations. It delves into complex scenarios encountered in daily nursing practices, such as managing chronic conditions, executing advanced wound care, conducting thorough patient assessments, and delivering specialized care plans. Its questions are designed to challenge the deepest level of understanding in nursing protocols, ethical patient care, and the dynamic adaptability required in high-pressure health care environments. This assessment not only tests theoretical knowledge but also the practical application of skills in real-world situations, reflecting the high stakes involved in patient care decisions. The candidates' responses will reveal their capabilities in critical thinking, swift decision-making, and their adherence to the highest standards of nursing practices. Herein, their proficiency in applying evidence-based practices, patient education, medication administration, and their aptitude in leveraging nursing frameworks for optimal patient outcomes will be scrutinized. This test stands as a robust tool for employers in the healthcare field to identify nursing professionals who are not just skilled, but exceptionally competent in delivering comprehensive, compassionate, and patient-centered care.

This test is relevant for

Registered Nurse
A healthcare professional responsible for providing and coordinating patient care, educating patients about health conditions.
Nurse Practitioner
Advanced practice registered nurses who provide primary and specialty healthcare.
Clinical Nurse Specialist
An advanced practice expert in the diagnosis and treatment of illness within a specialty area.
Nurse Manager
Oversees nursing staff, ensuring the highest levels of patient care and administrative effectiveness.
Nurse Educator
Prepares and mentors current and future generations of nurses.
Nursing Assistant
Provides basic care under the supervision of a licensed nurse.

Skills measured

Critical Thinking
Utilizing advanced judgment and reasoning skills to come to the best conclusion quickly, within a complex healthcare environment.
Patient Assessment
Thoroughly evaluating a patient's health condition and needs to provide appropriate care and treatment.
Medication Administration
Accurately calculating and administering medications while monitoring for side effects.
Wound Care
Applying advanced nursing techniques to manage and heal wounds efficiently.
Patient Education
Communicating complex health information clearly to patients and their families.
Chronic Disease Management
Developing and implementing care strategies for patients with long-term health conditions.

Sample questions

Preview a few questions that can be found in this test.
Nursing Care Test Preview
Question 1/3
A patient with COPD should be advised to adopt which position to facilitate easier breathing?
Select all that apply
Supine with legs elevated
Supine with legs elevated
High Fowler's position
High Fowler's position
Prone with a flat pillow
Prone with a flat pillow
Semi-Fowler's position
Semi-Fowler's position

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