Openness to Feedback
Pre-employment Skills Assessment

This assessment is designed to evaluate a candidate's openness and receptiveness to feedback. It is essential in identifying how well individuals accept, process, and implement feedback into personal and professional development. Through targeted questions, the test explores the candidates’ responses to feedback in various scenarios, highlighting their potential to contribute positively to a culture of growth, learning, and adaptability.






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About the test

This Openness to Feedback assessment is meticulously crafted to evaluate an individual's receptiveness and adaptability to feedback within a professional context. The test delves into various facets of receiving, interpreting, and acting on feedback. The assessment gauges not only the candidate's ability to understand and appreciate the value of constructive criticism but also their agility in integrating feedback into actionable improvements. This test is vital for identifying candidates who not only thrive on feedback for personal and professional development but also contribute positively towards fostering a culture of open communication and continuous improvement within an organization. By evaluating a candidate's openness to feedback, employers can better understand how potential hires might engage with team dynamics, handle criticism, and leverage insights for growth, making this assessment an invaluable tool for hiring processes aimed at building resilient and adaptable teams.

This test is relevant for

Team Leader
Requires the ability to constructively receive and provide feedback to promote team growth.
Project Manager
Necessitates the skill of using feedback to refine project approach and team coordination.
Human Resources Specialist
Involves facilitating and promoting a feedback culture within the organization.
Customer Service Representative
Demands the skill of using feedback to improve customer interaction and satisfaction.
Software Developer
Requires openness to peer and user feedback to improve software quality.
Marketing Coordinator
Involves leveraging feedback to adapt and refine marketing strategies effectively.

Skills measured

Receptivity to Feedback
Ability to hear, understand, and act on feedback provided.
Flexibility in accepting changes based on feedback for improvement.
Continuous personal and professional development spurred by feedback.
Communication Skills
Effectively engaging in feedback exchanges to clarify and understand criticism.
Using feedback to identify and address areas of challenge or weakness.
Team Dynamics
Contributing to healthful team interactions through constructive feedback.

Sample questions

Preview a few questions that can be found in this test.
Openness to Feedback Test Preview
Question 1/3
When receiving feedback, what is a productive first step?
Select all that apply
Defend your actions immediately
Defend your actions immediately
Listen carefully and take notes
Listen carefully and take notes
Seek to blame others for any issues
Seek to blame others for any issues
Dismiss the feedback if it feels unfair
Dismiss the feedback if it feels unfair

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