Power BI
Pre-employment Skills Assessment

The Power BI test aims to rigorously evaluate advanced users' capabilities across various functionalities of the tool. By covering aspects such as DAX, data transformation, complex visualizations, and best practices for sharing and security, this assessment identifies candidates who not only understand the technical details but can also apply this knowledge effectively in a business context.






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About the test

The Power BI assessment is meticulously crafted to evaluate an advanced-level candidate’s proficiency with Power BI, a leading data visualization and business intelligence tool. This comprehensive evaluation encompasses various aspects of Power BI ranging from data importation, transformation, and modeling, to creating complex visualizations, using DAX for data analysis, and leveraging the Power BI service for sharing and collaboration. Candidates’ understanding of advanced concepts like DirectQuery, row-level security, and leveraging Power BI’s AI capabilities will be tested. Additionally, their ability to apply these skills to solve real-world business intelligence challenges will be assessed. This exam is designed to filter out the truly experienced Power BI professionals who can leverage the tool’s full potential to drive data-driven decision-making processes. Through a variety of question types, including multiple-choice questions with single or multiple correct answers, this test targets deep knowledge and application skills in Power BI. About 20% of the questions are structured to have two correct answers to closely simulate problem-solving in real-world scenarios, without explicitly instructing the candidates, thus closely imitating the ambiguity and complexity of actual business situations.

This test is relevant for

Data Analyst
Analyzes and turns data into information, information into insight and insight into business decisions.
Business Intelligence Developer
Responsible for modeling, designing, and creating reports and dashboards for business processes.
Power BI Consultant
Advises businesses on how best to use Power BI technologies to meet their business objectives.
BI Solutions Architect
Designs and implements end-to-end BI solutions, ensuring that the architecture supports the business requirements.
Data Engineer
Prepares 'big data' for analytical or operational uses.
Report Developer
Creates and manages reports that visualize data for business decision-making.

Skills measured

Data Visualization
The ability to effectively communicate data insights through graphical representations.
Data Modeling
The ability to structure and organize data in a way that makes it useful for analysis and reporting.
DAX Proficiency
Advanced skills in DAX for creating complex calculations and measures that aid in data analysis.
Data Transformation
The capability to clean, reformat, and combine raw data from various sources into a more usable format.
Power BI Service Knowledge
Understanding of how to share, collaborate, and distribute reports and dashboards within an organization.
Advanced Analytics
Leveraging Power BI's AI insights to perform advanced analytics and gain deeper insights into data.

Sample questions

Preview a few questions that can be found in this test.
Power BI Test Preview
Question 1/3
In Power BI, which DAX function is used to calculate the year-to-date value of a measure?
Select all that apply

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