Problem solving
Pre-employment Skills Assessment

The 'Problem solving' test is specifically designed to evaluate a candidate's proficiency in addressing and solving complex problems. It assesses critical thinking, logical reasoning, and the capacity to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios. This test distinguishes prospective employees who demonstrate innovative problem-solving abilities, essential for roles demanding high levels of analytical thinking and strategic decision-making. It is an invaluable tool for companies seeking to identify candidates capable of contributing to challenging and dynamic work environments with skill and creativity.






10 min

Test type

Cognitive ability

About the test

This assessment meticulously probes into the candidates' ability to engage in complex problem-solving scenarios, encapsulating tasks that necessitate advanced cognitive processes, logical reasoning, and analytical thinking. The test comprises intricately designed questions that mirror real-world problems requiring innovative solutions, thereby not only evaluating the candidates' fundamental comprehension of theoretical concepts but also their practical application in uncertain and dynamic environments. Through a variety of carefully structured questions, the assessment aims to discern candidates who possess a robust capacity for critical thinking, the aptitude to dissect and analyze problems efficiently, and the creativity to devise effective solutions. It emphasizes the significance of adaptability and the ability to navigate through multifaceted problems with precision and ingenuity. This evaluation is particularly beneficial in identifying talents whose problem-solving abilities transcend conventional methods, showcasing their potential to contribute positively to complex projects and strategic decisions. The essence of this test lies in its capacity to highlight individuals who are not only adept at identifying issues but are also proficient in synthesizing information and generating resourceful outcomes under pressure.

This test is relevant for

Project Manager
Oversees projects from inception to completion, requiring adept problem-solving to navigate unforeseen challenges.
Business Analyst
Analyzes and evaluates business processes, needing problem-solving skills to identify and implement improvements.
Software Engineer
Designs and develops software solutions, often encountering complex problems requiring creative and logical solutions.
Operations Manager
Responsible for ensuring efficient business operations, which demands continuous problem-solving to optimize workflows.
Data Scientist
Employs scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge from data, solving complex problems in the process.
Product Manager
Leads the development of products, from idea through launch, tackling problems related to market needs, functionality, and user experience.

Skills measured

Analytical Thinking
The ability to systematically solve problems by breaking them into smaller parts and understanding their underlying structure.
Creative Problem-Solving
Leveraging creativity and innovative thinking to develop unique solutions to complex challenges.
Critical Thinking
Applying logical reasoning, evaluating arguments, and making reasoned decisions.
Decision Making
Assessing different options and selecting the most appropriate course of action in a timely manner.
Adjusting to new information or changes in the environment during the problem-solving process.
Working effectively with others to achieve a common goal or solve a problem.

Sample questions

Preview a few questions that can be found in this test.
Problem solving Test Preview
Question 1/3
A project manager needs to allocate resources in the most efficient manner. Given the constraints, which technique is most effective?
Select all that apply
Critical Path Method
Critical Path Method
Resource Leveling
Resource Leveling
Gantt Chart
Gantt Chart
PERT Analysis
PERT Analysis

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