QuickBooks Online (US version)
Pre-employment Skills Assessment

This comprehensive test is designed to evaluate candidates' expertise in the QuickBooks Online (US version) platform, covering advanced features and functionalities. It aims to assess the candidates' ability to manage financial operations, understand complex accounting software mechanisms, and apply this knowledge to real-world business scenarios. This test is an excellent tool for employers to identify candidates who possess a high level of competency in QuickBooks Online, ensuring their potential to streamline financial processes and contribute effectively to the company's financial well-being.






10 min

Test type

Role specific skills

About the test

This advanced-level test on QuickBooks Online (US version) is tailored to assess the knowledge and skills of candidates who are experienced in managing finances using QuickBooks Online, a leading online accounting software. The test comprises 40 questions, focusing on a variety of topics from reconciliation processes, customization of sales forms, inventory management, to handling multiple currencies and generating custom reports. The question types are varied to ensure a thorough examination of the candidates' ability to navigate complex accounting scenarios, optimize financial workflows, and leverage QuickBooks Online for detailed financial reporting and analysis. The questions are designed to challenge the candidates' understanding of QuickBooks Online's features and functionalities, emphasizing real-world application and problem-solving skills. This test is particularly useful for employers seeking to evaluate the proficiency of potential hires in effectively utilizing QuickBooks Online for efficient bookkeeping and accounting tasks, ensuring that the selected candidates are capable of contributing to the financial management and strategy planning of the business.

This test is relevant for

Requires deep knowledge of financial software for day-to-day accounting tasks.
Financial Analyst
Utilizes financial software for analyzing company finances and forecasting future trends.
Responsible for recording the financial transactions of a business in QuickBooks Online.
Oversees financial reporting and is tasked with the efficient use of accounting software to manage finances.
Finance Manager
Utilizes accounting software to manage the company's budgets, financial reports, and cost controls.
QuickBooks Specialist
Specializes in QuickBooks Online software to assist businesses in managing their accounting needs.

Skills measured

The ability to efficiently reconcile accounts and transactions.
Inventory Management
Knowledge of tracking and managing inventory within QuickBooks Online.
Financial Reporting
The capability to generate detailed financial reports for business analysis.
Project Financial Management
Skills in managing and tracking the financial aspects of projects.
Multi-Currency Accounting
Ability to handle transactions in multiple currencies accurately.
Payroll Processing
Understanding of processing payroll directly within QuickBooks Online.

Sample questions

Preview a few questions that can be found in this test.
QuickBooks Online (US version) Test Preview
Question 1/3
How can you reconcile transactions in QuickBooks Online?
Select all that apply
Setup Automated Reconciliation Rules
Setup Automated Reconciliation Rules
Manually through the 'Reconcile' tab under 'Banking'
Manually through the 'Reconcile' tab under 'Banking'
QuickBooks Online doesn't support reconciliation
QuickBooks Online doesn't support reconciliation
Export to Excel and reconcile outside of QuickBooks
Export to Excel and reconcile outside of QuickBooks

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