Reading Comprehension
Pre-employment Skills Assessment

The Reading Comprehension test is an advanced assessment designed to evaluate a candidate's ability to understand, analyze, and interpret complex texts. This test challenges individuals to demonstrate their proficiency in extracting key information, understanding vocabulary in context, and applying their insights to respond to intricate questions. It is crucial for positions requiring high-level analytical skills and the ability to make informed decisions based on written material. Through this test, employers can identify candidates with exceptional reading and comprehension capabilities.






10 min

Test type

Cognitive ability

About the test

This Reading Comprehension test is meticulously crafted to assess advanced reading and understanding abilities of candidates, aiming to gauge how well they can comprehend, analyze, and interpret written material. With an emphasis on complex texts, this test challenges individuals to discern implicit meanings, draw inferences, and evaluate arguments within a variety of passages. Candidates are required to demonstrate a sophisticated level of critical thinking, vocabulary understanding, and the ability to identify key information and themes in dense and nuanced texts. This examination is crucial for roles that demand high-level decision-making, analytical thinking, and the ability to process and apply information accurately and efficiently. The carefully selected questions are designed not only to test the immediate understanding of the texts but also to assess the candidates’ abilities to apply their comprehension to answer questions that may have subtle implications or require consideration of context and tone. The structure of this test, with each question timed at 30 seconds, ensures that candidates are not only accurate in their comprehension but also efficient, simulating real-world conditions where time and accuracy are paramount. This test stands as a valuable tool for employers to identify candidates with superior reading and comprehension skills, essential for success in complex and challenging environments.

This test is relevant for

Content Strategist
Requires the ability to analyze and interpret complex textual information for creating strategic content.
Research Analyst
Demands the skill to comprehend and evaluate detailed reports and studies.
Legal Advisor
Necessitates the capability to understand and interpret complex legal documents and texts.
Policy Analyst
Involves reading and comprehending intricate policy documents and public records.
Requires a high level of reading comprehension for editing and improving sophisticated written material.
Project Manager
Demands the ability to understand, analyze, and apply information from project-related documents.

Skills measured

Critical Thinking
Identifying underlying themes and implications within complex texts.
Analytical Skills
Evaluating arguments and drawing logical conclusions from written material.
Attention to Detail
Noticing and understanding subtle details within dense texts.
Drawing logical conclusions from information not explicitly stated.
Vocabulary Proficiency
Understanding and applying complex vocabulary within context.
Quickly comprehending and analyzing texts within a limited timeframe.

Sample questions

Preview a few questions that can be found in this test.
Reading Comprehension Test Preview
Question 1/3
What is the main theme of the passage?
Select all that apply
Humanity's resilience
Humanity's resilience
Technology's impact on society
Technology's impact on society
Economic disparities
Economic disparities
Climate change
Climate change

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