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The Ruby Programming Language test is designed to comprehensively evaluate a candidate's proficiency in Ruby. Covering a broad range of topics from basic syntax to advanced features like metaprogramming and blocks, this test ensures a deep assessment of the candidate's capabilities in Ruby programming. It is an essential tool for employers looking to hire knowledgeable and skilled Ruby developers capable of handling complex coding challenges.






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About the test

This Ruby Programming Language test is meticulously crafted to assess candidates on their expertise with Ruby, a dynamic, open source programming language focusing on simplicity and productivity. It covers a wide spectrum, from basic syntax and data structures to advanced topics like metaprogramming, error handling, and blocks, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of the candidate's capabilities. With 40 meticulously chosen questions, each designed to probe different facets of the Ruby programming language, the test provides a reliable measure of the candidate's proficiency. The questions range in complexity, with some requiring deep understanding of Ruby's unique features, such as its handling of symbols, blocks, and metaprogramming techniques. This test is particularly useful for identifying candidates who not only grasp Ruby's syntax but also understand how to harness its more advanced features for efficient and elegant code design. Through this test, employers can confidently identify candidates who are well-versed in Ruby, ready to tackle sophisticated programming challenges, and contribute effectively to projects that require a high level of Ruby expertise.

This test is relevant for

Ruby Developer
Focuses on developing software solutions using the Ruby programming language.
Full Stack Developer
Requires Ruby skills for server-side logic and back-end development tasks.
Software Engineer
Engages in building, testing, and deploying Ruby applications.
Back-End Developer
Specializes in server-side web application logic written in Ruby.
Web Developer
Uses Ruby along with other technologies to develop and maintain websites.
Application Developer
Develops and maintains applications, often using Ruby for scripting and backend functionality.

Skills measured

Ruby syntax and semantics
Understanding of core Ruby syntax and the programming model.
Problem-solving in Ruby
Ability to solve complex programming problems using Ruby.
Ruby on Rails
Knowledge of the Ruby on Rails framework for building web applications.
Object-Oriented Programming
Skills in object-oriented design and programming, specifically in Ruby.
Block, Procs, and Lambdas
Understanding of Ruby's blocks, Procs, and Lambdas for functional programming.
Ability to use metaprogramming techniques to write DRY, abstract, and compact Ruby code.

Sample questions

Preview a few questions that can be found in this test.
Ruby Test Preview
Question 1/3
What is the use of the `yield` keyword in Ruby?
Select all that apply
To pause a loop
To pause a loop
To exit from a function early
To exit from a function early
To call a block passed to a method
To call a block passed to a method
To raise an exception
To raise an exception

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