Spatial reasoning and awareness
Pre-employment Skills Assessment

Our Spatial Reasoning test offers an in-depth assessment tool for evaluating a candidate's capability to visualize, manipulate, and understand objects in a three-dimensional space. It challenges test-takers with a series of advanced questions, ranging from understanding spatial relationships to predicting object movements and transformations. Designed for advanced level participants, this assessment aids employers by identifying individuals with exceptional spatial intelligence, crucial for roles involving complex spatial problem-solving.






10 min

Test type

Cognitive ability

About the test

This Spatial Reasoning assessment is meticulously curated to evaluate candidates' abilities to visualize and manipulate objects in space. Questions probe into various aspects of spatial understanding, including the prediction of shapes' movements, rotation effects, understanding of perspectives, and the ability to deduce 3D objects from 2D representations. It tests the ability to mentally rotate, flip, or slide objects, and assesses understanding of complex geometric principles. These tasks are crucial for roles that demand the visualization of complex forms, architecting structures in space, or the creation and interpretation of maps. Spatial reasoning capabilities are an essential component of numerous technical and design-oriented professions, making this test an invaluable tool for identifying candidates equipped with high-level spatial cognition and the mental agility to navigate, manipulate, and create within a spatial context.

This test is relevant for

Requires the ability to conceptualize and visualize buildings in three dimensions.
Graphic Designer
Involves interpreting 2D designs into visual concepts.
Needs a profound understanding of physical space for designing machinery and infrastructure.
Game Developer
Involves creating and manipulating 3D models and environments.
Urban Planner
Requires spatial reasoning to design and organize urban spaces efficiently.
Uses spatial data to analyze and interpret natural and human-made landscapes.

Skills measured

Visual-Spatial Intelligence
Ability to understand and navigate the spatial relationships between objects.
Geometric Visualization
Skill in visualizing geometric transformations and properties.
Mental Rotation
Capability to rotate shapes and objects mentally.
3D Object Construction
Ability to perceive and construct complex three-dimensional objects.
Map Reading
Proficiency in interpreting and navigating through maps.
Spatial Orientation
Skill in determining the position and orientation of objects in space.

Sample questions

Preview a few questions that can be found in this test.
Spatial reasoning and awareness Test Preview
Question 1/3
Which shape fits into the remaining space when a cube is disassembled?
Select all that apply
A sphere
A sphere
A smaller cube
A smaller cube
A tetrahedron
A tetrahedron
A cylinder
A cylinder

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