Pre-employment Skills Assessment

Designed to rigorously assess the specialized and advanced abilities essential for stenographer roles, this test encapsulates the multifaceted skill set required in this profession. It evaluates proficiency in stenotype machine operations, mastery of shorthand techniques, real-time transcription skills, and the application of relevant software. Furthermore, it tests the candidate's understanding of the ethical responsibility that comes with the job, specifically the safeguarding of information. Through a broad array of challenging questions, employers can gauge a candidate's readiness to handle the pressures and responsibilities inherent in stenographic duties, making it an invaluable tool for hiring in this field.






10 min

Test type

Role specific skills

About the test

This stenographer test is designed to evaluate the advanced skills of potential hires in the stenography field. Stenography is a critical job that requires not just speed but also accuracy. It's a mix of art and science, and it demands a deep understanding of shorthand techniques, precise transcription, and legal terminology. Stenographers are essential in legal proceedings, meetings, and any situation where accurate record-keeping is crucial. This test assesses a candidate's proficiency in using stenotype machines, their knowledge of shorthand systems, their ability to transcribe in real-time, and their familiarity with transcription software. It also evaluates their understanding of professional ethics, especially confidentiality, which is super important in sensitive situations. The test includes complex scenarios, like dealing with unclear speech and making sure transcripts are accurate, to see if the candidate is ready for real-world challenges. By covering a wide range of skills, from technical abilities to ethical responsibilities, this test provides a comprehensive way for employers in the legal, corporate, and broadcasting industries to find skilled stenographers who can handle pressure and maintain the integrity of recorded proceedings.

This test is relevant for

Court Reporter
Specializes in transcribing spoken words during legal proceedings, ensuring an accurate legal record.
Broadcast Captioner
Provides real-time captioning for live television broadcasts, including news and sports.
Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART) Provider
Offers real-time transcription services for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals in various settings, including educational and corporate events.
Legislative Reporter
Records the proceedings of legislative bodies, translating spoken words into written form with high accuracy.
Webcast Captioner
Creates precise captions for live online broadcasts, enhancing accessibility for a wider audience.
Stenotype Operator
Operates a stenotype machine to transcribe spoken words at speeds exceeding 200 words per minute for various transcription needs.

Skills measured

Shorthand Proficiency
Mastery over the shorthand notation system, enabling rapid transcription of speech.
Transcription Accuracy
The ability to transcribe spoken words into textual format with high precision and minimal errors.
Legal and Medical Terminology
An understanding of specialized terminology used within legal and medical fields important for accurate transcription.
Technical Proficiency
Adeptness at operating stenography equipment and software critical for modern transcription processes.
Real-time Transcription
The ability to transcribe speech into text live as it happens, a skill vital for captioning and court reporting.
Upholding the ethical responsibility to keep all transcribed information confidential, especially in sensitive settings.

Sample questions

Preview a few questions that can be found in this test.
Stenographer Test Preview
Question 1/3
What is the primary equipment used by a professional stenographer?
Select all that apply
Digital recorder
Digital recorder
Stenotype machine
Stenotype machine
Smart pen
Smart pen

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