Time management
Pre-employment Skills Assessment

The Time Management test is crafted to rigorously assess an individual's ability to manage and allocate their time efficiently, focusing on advanced principles of time management. It is designed to challenge candidates through a variety of scenarios, evaluating their skills in prioritization, effective planning, avoidance of procrastination, and adaptation to changing priorities, among others. This test is essential for identifying candidates who excel in maximizing productivity and maintaining a high level of organizational efficiency.






10 min

Test type

Situational judgment

About the test

The Time Management test is a specialized assessment designed to evaluate a candidate's proficiency in optimizing their most valuable resource: time. This advanced-level test comprises questions that explore various aspects of time management, including prioritization techniques, goal setting, strategic planning, and the ability to operate efficiently under pressure. Each question is crafted to challenge and discern the candidate's capabilities in managing time effectively, identifying and addressing time wasters, and enhancing productivity through established time management practices. By simulating real-world scenarios and dilemmas, the test aims to uncover a candidate's intuitive grasp and practical application of time management principles in a professional setting. Moreover, it provides insights into a candidate's problem-solving approach, their capacity for critical analysis in planning and execution phases, and their adaptability to changing priorities while maintaining high-performance standards. This assessment is pivotal for roles that demand meticulous organization, strategic foresight, and the ability to harness one's time to deliver outstanding results. Employers across various sectors will find this test invaluable in identifying potential employees who exhibit a high level of competence in this crucial area.

This test is relevant for

Project Manager
Responsible for planning, executing, and finalizing projects according to deadline while managing time and resources.
Executive Assistant
Provides high-level administrative support, managing schedules, and prioritizing tasks efficiently.
Software Developer
Needs to effectively manage multiple projects and deadlines to deliver high-quality software.
Must juggle multiple clients and projects, requiring excellent time management to meet all deadlines.
Marketing Manager
Coordinates various campaigns and projects, necessitating superior time management to achieve goals on schedule.
HR Coordinator
Manages recruitment and administrative tasks, requiring the ability to prioritize and manage time effectively.

Skills measured

Determining the order of tasks based on their significance and deadlines.
Strategic Planning
The ability to map out a plan of action that aligns with long-term goals and objectives.
Maximizing productivity with minimal wasted effort or expense.
Quickly adjusting to new conditions or changing priorities.
Procrastination Avoidance
Employing strategies to prevent delaying tasks unnecessarily.
Goal Setting
Establishing clear, achievable objectives within a time frame.

Sample questions

Preview a few questions that can be found in this test.
Time management Test Preview
Question 1/3
What technique prioritizes tasks by urgency and importance?
Select all that apply
Eisenhower Matrix
Eisenhower Matrix
Pomodoro Technique
Pomodoro Technique
Time Blocking
Time Blocking
ABC Analysis
ABC Analysis

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