Verbal reasoning
Pre-employment Skills Assessment

The Verbal Reasoning Test is a rigorous assessment designed to gauge advanced verbal comprehension and reasoning abilities. It challenges candidates to apply their understanding of language and logic to solve complex problems and interpret information accurately, making it essential for roles requiring effective communication and critical thinking.






10 min

Test type

Cognitive ability

About the test

The Verbal Reasoning Test is meticulously crafted to assess a candidate’s ability to comprehend, analyze and interpret advanced verbal information. This test measures the capacity to engage with complex texts, draw inferences, understand and apply language nuances, and solve problems through verbal reasoning. The significance of these skills cannot be overstated in modern workplaces, where clear communication, critical thinking, and effective decision-making are paramount. This test entails a diverse array of question types including analogies, sentence completion, logic, antonyms, and synonyms, designed to challenge and accurately gauge an individual's verbal ability at an advanced level. The candidate's performance on this test can reveal their potential for roles that demand strong verbal intelligence, including but not limited to strategic planning, policy development, negotiations, and creative problem-solving. Through rigorous and nuanced evaluation, the Verbal Reasoning Test serves as an indispensable tool in identifying individuals who not only excel at logical thinking but also possess the eloquence and insight to thrive in complex communicative scenarios.

This test is relevant for

Executive Assistant
Manages communication and problem-solving under complex scenarios.
Marketing Manager
Requires adeptness at analyzing verbal data for strategic decision-making.
Policy Analyst
Entails interpreting and formulating policies based on comprehensive verbal reasoning.
Legal Advisor
Demands high capability in understanding and constructing logical arguments.
Involves interpreting client requirements and providing insights.
Content Strategist
Entails creating strategies based on interpreting complex data.

Skills measured

Critical Thinking
Enables solving complex problems through logical reasoning.
Ability to understand and interpret advanced texts and verbal cues.
Facilitates clear and effective conveyance of ideas.
Decision Making
Empowers making informed choices based on verbal analysis.
Skills in resolving issues using verbal and logical reasoning.
Analytical Abilities
Capacity to break down complex verbal information into understandable parts.

Sample questions

Preview a few questions that can be found in this test.
Verbal reasoning Test Preview
Question 1/3
What is the antonym of 'Exacerbate'?
Select all that apply

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