Working Remotely
Pre-employment Skills Assessment

The 'Working Remotely' assessment is a comprehensive tool designed to identify candidates' abilities to efficiently work in remote or hybrid environments. It goes beyond basic technological competencies, delving into time management, communication, self-discipline, and teamwork necessary in the absence of physical supervision. Through forty targeted questions, this test provides employers a keen insight into the nuanced capabilities that define successful remote workers, including their approach to challenges peculiar to remote settings.






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About the test

This advanced level test, 'Working Remotely', is crafted to evaluate candidates' proficiency and preparedness for remote work environments. The assessment aims to dissect the candidate's skills across various dimensions vital for remote work, including technological adeptness, self-management, communication, problem-solving in isolated environments, and the ability to maintain productivity and work quality without direct supervision. Remote work mandates a unique set of skills and dispositions as it entails dealing with challenges distinct from traditional office settings, such as maintaining cybersecurity, efficiently managing time despite possible distractions, fostering teamwork and collaboration across digital platforms, and sustaining motivation and well-being independently. This test stands as a crucial tool for employers aiming to identify candidates who are not just fit for the job in terms of technical skills, but who also possess the resilience, discipline, and adaptability required to excel in a remote or hybrid work model. It is designed not solely to assess the candidate's current capabilities but also to gauge their potential to grow and adapt to rapidly changing work conditions.

This test is relevant for

Remote Software Developer
Develops software applications from a non-centralized location.
Virtual Assistant
Provides administrative support to businesses from a remote location.
Remote Project Manager
Oversees projects and ensures team collaboration and efficiency remotely.
Digital Marketer
Creates and implements marketing strategies in digital platforms from any location.
Customer Support Representative
Assists customers with inquiries and issues via digital communication tools.
Content Writer
Researches and writes articles, blogs, and other content remotely.

Skills measured

Time Management
Managing one's time effectively, especially in an environment with flexible work hours.
Digital Communication
Effectively communicating with teammates and clients through digital platforms.
The ability to stay motivated and productive without direct supervision.
Problem Solving
Identifying and resolving issues independently when working remotely.
Adapting to new challenges and changes in a remote work environment.
Cybersecurity Awareness
Maintaining security practices to protect sensitive information in a remote setup.

Sample questions

Preview a few questions that can be found in this test.
Working Remotely Test Preview
Question 1/3
Which tool is best for remote team collaboration and project management?
Select all that apply
Google Docs
Google Docs

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